August 13, 2012 at 5:31 am (Inspirational)

Still think that self-publishing is the road to failure?
Read this article.
The awakening is nigh.

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Dream big! :)

August 6, 2012 at 7:56 am (Inspirational)

I believe in the power of “I AM.”

One of the keys to bringing the things into your life that you want is not to simply wish for them and see them as being separate from yourself, it is seeing yourself as having those things already and truly living within that better life. Instead of wanting for love, visualize yourself in love. Say: “I am in love.” Feel it. Believe it. Realize that dreams and visualization are the first and one of the most important steps toward getting what you want out of life!

Manifestation Wall exists as a place where you can weave reality. It is a place where you can dream among the global consciousness and reach out to the universe, projecting a reality that you want to see come to pass. It is a place where you can write your dreams as reality, live as if they had already come to pass, and place that reality into the greater fabric of human global consciousness.

Take a look around, see some of the hundreds of dreams that have already been put out there, and contribute some of your own.

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August 1, 2012 at 3:50 am (Inspirational)

Recently I was invited to do a seminar on the future of publishing (i.e. Art in the Digital Age.) The three recordings above encapsulate the whole speech. Enjoy!

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Signal boost needed! :)

July 31, 2012 at 4:28 am (Inspirational)

Hey all, I need a bit of a signal boost on this one.One of my close and longtime friends is trying to turn over a new leaf in his life. He’s started a blog on WordPress called “The Quest From Worthless to Worth” ( where he details his quest to become more than he is. He needs people to cheer him on and help him stay motivated. Even one shout out helps. Here’s an excerpt from the “about” page:

About My Worthless Self:

Hello, my name is Spencer.
i am a worthless fat pile of dog shit, i am 6’1” and weigh about 270 pounds.
i am 26 year old male, i am unemployed and i live with my father.
all i do everyday is play video games and jerk off to free streaming porn while i dream of being rich and famous.
everyday i sit around and be fat and depressed…. but starting today i am going to try and change it all.

Thanks and pass it on! Every reblog, tweet or comment helps get Spencer closer to his goal.

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July 5, 2012 at 7:01 am (Inspirational)

This is an except from Jim Marss’ book, Rule by Secrecy, which is an excellent read. It’s a completely different way of looking at things, well supported by well researched facts, and a (mostly) unbiased text in and of itself, but the real gem comes on the last two pages– this piece of his “commentary” is as inspiring as anything unity-oriented I’ve ever read.
Anywho, don’t get turned off by the fact that Jim is a Texan Christian. That right there is a stereotype, and if the mention of “God” is enough to disqualify anything he says as far as you’re concerned, then maybe you should rethink your stance on human diversity. Ignoring what someone says just because they’re Texan, Christian, or both, is as bad as ignoring someone because they’re Gay, Pagan, or Black. We’re all equal, we’re all holding bits of the puzzle, we’ve all made mistakes in the past, and we’re all one people. There is strength in unity. Embrace it, dammit.

“United we stand, divided we fall” — Matthew Walker
“Can’t stop the signal” — Firefly.

“Many of us look the other way, hoping we won’t have to deal with the mind-expanding questions that new knowledge brings. We avoid those TV shows and books which are liable to upset our traditional mindset.
“But it’s no use. We hear about them in office conversations, radio talk shows, and even occasionally as brief pieces in the mainstream media. The discussion of topics which once were prohibited are now commonplace.
“So what’s to be done in this era of spiritual poverty in the midst of material wealth?
“Knowledge is indeed power. It is time for those who desire true freedom to exert themselves– to fight back against the forces who desire domination through fear and disunity.
“This does not have to involve violence. It can be done in small, simple ways, like not financing that new Sport Utility Vehicle, cutting up all but one credit card, not opting for a second mortgage, turning off the TV sitcom for a good book, asking questions and speaking out it church or synagogue, attending school board and city council meetings, voting for the candidate who has the least money, learning about the Fully Informed Jury movement and using it when called—in general, taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Despite the omnipresent advertising for the Lotto—legalized government gambling—there is no free lunch. Giving up one’s individual power for the hope of comfort and security has proven to lead only to tyranny.
“It is a time for truth—about out past and present, about who really rules and about what’s being done to this planet in the name of progress and profit. Love your country so much that you will look past the jingoism and sound bites to starkly view the fear-inspiring depravations and corruption within the national government and oligarchy. Such truth must be made available to everyone, not just to the manipulative elitists…”
“The time for secrecy is at an end.
“Don’t wait for the corporate controlled media to inform and explain. Read and listen to everything within reach and search for sources of alternative information—on the internet, in documentaries, in old library books and unconventional bookstores. Read and watch things you normally wouldn’t. Then quietly contemplate. Use that God-given supercomputer called your “brain.” Perhaps more important, feel what’s right within your heart, your soul, your innermost being.
“And remember there remains one last great secret. This one is within the hands of the general public. Namely, that there are more of us than there are of them. And we keep gaining knowledge daily.
“This knowledge comes from individual initiative, not from government committies or the so-called “experts.” If one truly desires to be free, there must first be a seach for truth, without the aid of paid experts, academic snobs, media pundits, clerics, gurus, or government leaders—all of whom have their own agendas to press.
“True innovators like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Bill Gates did not conform their thinking to conventional wisdom. Like these men, and many more like them, each individual makes his or her own destiny. We are creative beings and would like to create the best world for ourselves. But this is impossible when the creative process is based on incomplete or erroneous information designed to instill fear and dissension.
“There are more people today who sincerely desire peace and brotherly love than ever before. Unfortunately, those who strive for power and control usually achieve it. And they want to keep it. But the time for brute force has past. Today, they can control the six billion members of the human community only through deceit and secrecy.
“Once you have found your own heartfelt truth, that truth must be shared, so as to lift the curtain of secrecy which contributes to the ignorance, fear, and confusion of our time and create a new spirit of human tolerance and togetherness.
“As recorded in John 8:23, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

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